Missionaries of Mary Immaculate

Missionaries of Mary Immaculate

(A Society of Aposlotic Life for Mission ad Gentes of Pontifical Right)


Missionaries of Mary Immaculate


South Sudan
St.Joseph Province - India

Welcome to Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (MMI)

The church has always been apostolic, prophetic and missionary. God’s ways of calling more laborers to preach the Gospel are innumerable. The Society of the Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (MMI) also has its origin in the will of God. It was not my will to start a Society of priests as I know well that I am the least worthy person to do it. We are a clerical society of Apostolic Life of Missionaries Priests called by God our Father, to be a PROPHETIC, APOSTOLIC and MISSIONARIES.


Loving God in Serving the Poor To be Fully Human and Fully Alive.

Rev. Fr. Jesuadimai Emmanuel Arul Raj (Founder)

My dear sons,
    Greetings of joy and peace to you all!
As we are in the grace filled season of Lent, we are called to be intimately in ‘communion with God and others’ like Jesus our Savior. Though Jesus loved to be in the community.

Rev. Francis Kalist DD (Patron Bishop)







The Society of Missionaries of Mary Immaculate (MMI)

Fr. Jesuadimai Emmanuel Arul Raj The Founder of the Society of MMI
Rev. Sr. Virginammal DMI The Co-Foundress


His Lordship Most Rev. Francis Kalist DD,

The Archbishop of Pondicherry - Cuddalor & Canonical Principle Bishop of MMI

Society of Daughters of Mary Immaculate (DMI)

MMI General Administration

Rev. Fr. Joseph William Parthiraj MMI
The Superior General of MMI

Fr. George Dolin MMI
Fr. A. Gnanaprakasam MMI
Fr. G. Sunder MMI
Rev Fr. Santacruz Cleetus Robin MMI
Fr. Uthiriya Ratzaga Dass



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Rev Fr. Lucas Sahaya Julius Viju

22, Jun

Rev Fr. Antony Joseph Antony Peter

25, Jun

Fr. Shajan.I

25, Jun

Rev Fr. Belaro D souza

26, Jun

Rev Fr. Arockiam Antony Samy

29, Jun

Rev Fr. Boniface orusila Thadeus

29, Jun

Rev Fr. Arockiasamy Arul Francis

30, Jun