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He is a called and committed volunteer. He is a professional. As much as he is patriot he is equally a lover of the society. He may be shy of admitting it, but his outspoken devotion to the society and to his mission is unquestionable. He feels the personal relationship with his Founder and to his Charism


Above all he is ready to be shipped out. Ordered to a strange corner of the world often at the ends of the earth. He packs his kit. Says his farewell. At time he may not even have the times for this. He departs to his mission. He does not ask how long he will be there. Or he may not know where he is going or why or to do what? If the Founder or Superior General gives the word, that is enough. He obeys.


Wherever his mission is, he should be an ambassador of Christ: spiritual, easy, outgoing, generous, hardworking and above all ready to make friends with the sense of forgiveness, even with his enemies. MMI is and should be incurably open; even at times to his own disadvantage, hence the distinctive character of an MMI.


MMI ever remains profoundly powerful and power sharing. Sharing his life along with the members of the community or co-workers and his collaborators is the DMI and MMI model. United in God, MMI exercise power without becoming authoritative. His power comes from his commitment and form his professionalism. His power remains in his humility and in his performance. Thus, he remains closer to God and to his mission.


The life of an MMI is not that of a hermit. The MMI enjoys life in the community and willing to give up all that when on to reach the goal and to attain the master’s command. When the call of mission is heard, an MMI gives up everything that he enjoys and proceeds with lessons in mobility and maneuvers. Only the goal that is set by the society in the name of Christ and His Kingdom is his only aim of life. The community should exhibit such happiness that others look up to us and wonder how we made it?


His services should find no shortage of hermits. We are not looking for the best of all but the most committed and single minded in life. MMI should never be replaced by anyone else other than the MMIs or whom we train to take our place.